Dear All Those Girls Who Thinks She Is Really Not Enough for Him

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This is to the girl who was always a second chance but never the first choice. She doesn’t know what it feels like to be someone’s priority because she is just waiting to be replaced…over and over again.

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And she is already sick and tired of that. She is sick and tired of the fact that people don’t see her amazing personality and her beautiful heart. She wants to show all of them how much she actually cares, but in the end, she gets hurt.

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She gets hurt because they think she doesn’t have feelings, that she is cold and distant, but there is so much love in her. She is full of affection, love, and understanding for all the people in her life, but the catch is that many of them don’t see it.

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They always take her for granted, thinking that she will always stay close no matter what happens. But the catch is that she won’t. She will put up with people and their shit for some time, but in the end, she will stop asking herself why she is not enough.

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There will come the day when she will tell herself that it is not about her but about them, and that she can’t affect them at all. She can’t tell them to love her. She can’t make them be good people.

That is all up to them. It is up to them if they will actually see what kind of a person they have in their lives. Or they will just close their eyes in front of her.

But no matter what they do, they can’t change the fact that she is a good person. And in most cases girls, like her get replaced. Girls like her don’t get the love they deserve, and they always end up being a second choice. And they shouldn’t be.

She shouldn’t be treated like that. She shouldn’t question if she is good or worthy. She shouldn’t think about negative things only. But that is what she does most of the time.

That’s why I have something to tell her. I just hope she will be able to open her heart and actually hear my words. I hope they will come to her and that she will believe them.

So, gorgeous who is reading this, I want you to know one thing:

You are enough!

You are worthy!

You are lovable!

You matter!


And please don’t let anyone convince you of the opposite. There is nothing wrong with you. The problem is with the people around you—no matter if it is your family, your friends or your ex boyfriends.

They don’t know you are a diamond in the rough and that you are someone others would be so lucky to have in their lives.

They don’t know it, even though it is the truth. But the right man will know to cherish you. And even if you think he will never come, I can guarantee he is on its way to you. He will come when you least expect him and show you all that you missed all these years.

When the right man comes to your life, you will finally feel like you are more than enough, that you are special and that there is a person who can’t live without you. A man like that will not replace you because to him, there isn’t a better girl than you. He is someone who can see your pure heart, your love, and your amazing personality.

When he comes, you will finally realize that all that time you spent alone actually paid off. Because in the end, you got something really good. And you should know that good things don’t happen overnight.

You have to wait a little bit more to get them.

Maybe at first, you will think he is the same as others and that he will treat you like every man before him. But you are so wrong. He will be totally different than anyone who left a mark in your life.

He will show you what real love is. He will choose you every day, and he will never get enough of you.

So, I am begging you to have a little more faith in yourself. I ask you to put yourself first, to learn to love yourself because that is the only way you will be able to love him.

And when you achieve all your stepping stones, you will realize that you don’t give a fuck if someone replaces you as long as you know that the right one will never do that!